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I am a PMP certified Project Manager and Marketing Professional living in New Orleans.

IT projects, Website development and Business Education were my gateways to the project management industry, leading to the foundation of a project management certification and the creation of a creative studio.


I started creating websites several years ago while attending college. Later I found myself working as a web designer and developer using my business/marketing education for complex projects with a holistic approach. My attention to detail, along with my creative and coding skills has led me to complete various website projects successfully, including e-commerce sites for various businesses.

Out of love for aesthetic design, my passion for functionality and structure evolved. When I approach a website project, I focus on creating beautiful, responsive designs with simplicity and usability in mind.

My collaboration and user-centered approach has proven to be a perfect fit for developing digital content and solving client's problems.


My organized, goal-oriented, and self-driven nature led me to inevitably play a strategic role as a change agent and to use my skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the project team. I enjoy the new challenges and the responsibility of driving business results.

My experiences have made me comfortable with contributing creative solutions in complex, dynamic environments for IT, marketing, and marine engineering projects.

Most of my core strategies for achieving success have been the result of working in a broad range of technical environments with cross-functional teams. My unique and diverse set of skills has taught me that team contribution and collaboration is key to success. And as a leader, I strive for greatness and fairness in all aspects of life.


Let's Make an Impact

Whether it's to grow your business, find and keep customers, start a project or finish one, we can succeed by taking the right steps. We can improve and move forward in a positive direction, one step at a time.


Strategic planning & execution of complex projects, defined through scope, schedule, cost and quality.


Risk Management

Change Management

Team Leadership



PMP certification badge - Acclaim


Project Management Professional (PMP)®

Issued by Project Management Institute








Creative, data-driven marketing strategies and project execution to achieve business results within time, scope and budget contraints.

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Website Design

Developing websites to address the needs of businesses and individuals, helping them to stand out from the crowd and connect with customers with a captivating presence.

Creating high quality designs with an attractive look and feel, and ensuring responsive layouts are making the site look great on any device.

Website optimization for speed and security, faster loading, malware protection.





Speed Optimization


Wordpress Blogs

Ecommerce Shops

Responsive Designs

Static Landing Pages


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